Hi, my name is Holly and I am the owner of Specialized Medical Staffing. I have been in the healthcare field for about 15 years. Throughout my years working at facilities, staffing seemed to be a problem. I wanted to be able to help those facilities that were having trouble staffing, to help ensure quality care to their residents and make it easier for all. That is when I started this business adventure!


  • Locally owned out of Bloomer, WI

  • Flexible staff

  • Open 24.7.364

  • 48 hour Cancellation Policy

  • Liability Insurance on every employee

  • Quarterly Personnel Reviews

  • Personnel Local

  • Avoid the unfilled shifts

Please call Holly with any questions!

Employee Perks

  • Weekly payday

  • Choose your own Schedule

  • Choose preferred facility

  • Full time, Part time, casual position available.

  • High Wages

  • Orientation and paid training offered

Please contact the Human Resource manager for any questions or click           to apply!
Community Mission

 Specialized Medical Staffing, INC is contracted with skilled nursing homes, assisted livings facilities, and hospitals.  Specialized Medical Staffing, INC with access to high quality, affordable patient-covered health care services which enhance health, foster healing and recovery, support independence and self-reliance, and generally improve the health status of our patients and communities.

Our Mission

A company is only as good as its people.  It is important to remember as the company grows, its greatest asset should grow and benefit as well.  When a company has truly great employees, those employees carry a deep institutional value and knowledge that simply cannot be replaced.  At the end of the day, it will be the great people that make Specialized Medical Staffing, INC great.